Why DNDL Is No Longer An "Athlete Code Brand"

  • By Kristina Cagney

Why DNDL Is No Longer An

We at Doughnuts & Deadlifts are used to going against the grain. We do it so that we can live and work according to our values, and so that we can challenge an often problematic industry. And with that, we’re announcing the discontinuation of our athletes’ discount codes.

We cringe every time we see a post of someone holding up a product and telling us to buy it using their code.

Seriously. Cringe.

The entire industry has become oversaturated with codes and it has devalued not only the athletes, but also the brands that they represent. There is no longer anything special about having a sponsorship and a discount code, thus I [Krissy] am removing it from my business model entirely in order to add more value to the company and our athlete roster.

I [Sarah] used to work in influencer marketing. Consequently, I’m hyper aware of sponsored posts and I’m mega-disillusioned by most influencers. The way a lot of influencers and athletes go about promoting the brands they work with is lazy and insincere. And the way a lot of brands ask their influencers to promote their company is slimy and solely self-serving.

Now, giving our sponsored athletes discount codes to share with you all is not the worst thing we could do. After all, we know our athletes love DNDL-- so when they sing our praises, they’re speaking from a place of truth. And ultimately, you guys get a better deal on the apparel you buy.

But we want to find a better solution.

We are going back to the old fashioned way of sponsoring athletes. We will support them in their sport by funding their competitions and providing them with high quality training gear. They will now act as respected endorsers of our brand simply by wearing it and by being involved in the strength community. We want you to want wear DNDL because your favorite strength athletes do. Not because of a 10% off code.

We don’t need to pump discount codes to make a living and neither do our athletes. They are not sales reps-- they are elite, well-respected competitors. So from now on (well… after Black Friday) we’re focusing 100% on relationships instead of transactions. Because people are more important than the success of a sales strategy or the ROI of a marketing campaign.

We will pay our athletes for their accomplishments, for their hard work at their craft, and for how they represent the DNDL brand through who they are. But we will no longer pay them for pumping out codes and getting you guys to buy merch.

We will also be adjusting (a.k.a. lowering) our prices accordingly. So in the end, this is a win-win-win. We don’t have to feel slimy about making our athletes share discount codes, the athletes don’t have to feel insincere about pushing codes for their own benefit, and you guys still get a lower price, just without having to use a code!

Can you dig it?

-Krissy Mae Cagney, CEO & Sarah Al-Khayyal, GM

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