A Slice of Summer in January: The Story Behind the Party Shirt

  • By Sarah Al-Khayyal

A Slice of Summer in January: The Story Behind the Party Shirt

The East Coast may be inundated with snow and freezing temperatures (hello “Bomb Cyclone”) but we’re delivering a little sunshine on your cloudy day. 

Introducing, The Party Shirt.

We’ve been teasing this Party Print and this shirt on Instagram for a couple weeks and we’re stoked to finally release it. And with the release, we wanted to share some of the back story so you know why we made it.

Countless customers have been requesting collared shirts for some time now. We get it— y'all want to wear DNDL to work, and we love the idea. We want you to spread the DNDL gospel everywhere you go, not just the gym.

However, since we’re anything but formal and we’ll never create true business wear, this is what y’all get: an athletic button-down in an obnoxiously fantastic print.

We created this custom print fabric to reflect all the good times you (and we) have whilst living the Eat/Lift/Live lifestyle. Plus, we designed the fit for athletic bodies so that it’s tailored but not too slim for your muscles to breathe. 

Wear it to a pool party. Wear it ice skating. Wear it to your beach wedding. Wear it for Hawaiian Shirt Fridays at work. Wear it on a first date. Wear it to The Arnold. It may be a novelty item but with enough confidence you can wear it anywhere at any time of year.

And for those of you minimalist hipsters that can’t see yourself rocking this crazy loud shirt, don’t worry. We’ve got other things coming your way in more muted prints :)


P.S. Here's a secret little preview of what we've got up our (short) sleeve... Shh! 

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